RetSam Zhang
Would you like a weekly ESL gathering? Would you like a weekly ESL gathering? If the answer is yes .... ... WHERE? Which platform do you preffer? I would like an online classroom where people can talk and chat and draw at the same time. Like WizIQ or Dabbleboard? ... WHEN? When will be your favorite time? we are from different timezone, and people have different schedules, so we'd find a way to schedule with everyone. We can use GMT time and you can get help from ... HOW? How do we communicate and prepare for the gathering? By discussions on or Skype? ... WHAT? What should we do or talk about during the gathering? Chit chat? English practings skills? ... WHO? Who should attend the gathering? Teachers only? Learners only? Both teachers and learners? Feel free to drop in your suggestions or creative ideas. Let's create something we need! we can also discuss about this project via Skype(retsamzhang). Cheers, Sam Discussion URL:
Jun 14, 2010 11:02 AM
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Let me be the first one to jump in. Language exchange sounds good on the surface, but is it really practicable for everyone? ESL students talking with each other in English on a regular basis is so easy to be put into practice, and in some cases it may be a more efficient way of learning than only conversing with native English speakers. 我觉得英语爱好者们可以以自学为主并结合互相之间讲英语来交流,也是一个很好的办法。比如,在SKYPE上建一个小组(不建议用qq),组长就是retsam了,呵呵,定时上线,尽量只用英语,限定人数,等等。组长觉得怎么样?个人建议,仅供参考。有事请联系组长,别联系我哦,哈哈。
June 16, 2010
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