Who are some excellent political figures in the Latin American / South American culture today? Well, arent there ANY good leaders in South/Latin America? Im on the search for them! haha Also, Josep..... nobody can comment on your page or reply to your comments, you may need to re-adjust your account settings or something. Look on here at Bungee jumping:
Jun 14, 2010 4:45 PM
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Well, I guess it depends of what you expect to be "good". However, I could mention some names: "Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador" at the 2006 Mexican elections. "Luz Inacio Lula Da Silva" Brasilian president, in Brasil they have a very particular way to manage their economy. "Hugo Chavez" Well he is a rude man, but he has done some interesting things in order to improve the economy of his people. "Evo Morales" President of Bolivia, he was a leader of the Union of "Cocaleros" the farmers that plant coca. (In Bolivia the coca was used since ancient times as a tea) "Felipe Calderón" Mexican president, he is a conservative. He is fighting against drugs (i don't think he is doing well, because a man can not combat drugs with weapons, he must fight against drugs with "Education"). "Eduardo Galeano" is a southamerican writer that wrote "Las venas abiertas de América" (The open veins of America). This book was given to the president Obama by Hugo Chavez. (Very interesting book about the history of economics in the new world). If you are interested in the politics and economy of latinamerican countries, you should read about the new organization of Latin American Countries that is coming soon. Regards. Alí
June 14, 2010
October 16, 2010
The OECD is an important organization which is chaired by José Angel Gurría .
June 17, 2010
I think Rafael Correa is one of the best political figures in the history of Ecuador and a good one in Latin America, He is the best president in the whole history of my country
June 15, 2010
thank you lady. You were right. I hope i corrected it ok. Seriuosly, i dont follow american (extended meaning) politics or else, but the ex president of Costa Rica, the one who was a mediator in the Honduras crisis (i m bad for names if i am not interested in the subject), seemed to me a man of quality in his job (as a politician).
June 14, 2010
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