excuse me!! what DO YOU THINK about world cup??
Jun 14, 2010 6:50 PM
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I LOVE football, but so far this World Cup has been the most boring one I have seen (and I remember Italia 90!). There have been too many negative tactics (Greece, Australia, Japan) and too many poor teams (Algeria, Slovenia, Cameroon). The ball seems far too light, and consequently crosses into the box are often too deep and shots go far too high. For example, there have been very few direct free-kicks hitting the target. Maybe the altitude has had something to do with this in some of the games, but what about the games played at sea-level where the shooting has been equally as woeful? The vuvuzelas have also ruined the atmosphere in all the stadia. You cannot hear the crowd singing at all. One of the most enjoyable aspects of England fans is their travelling music band. We like to hear them play their songs on the TV back home. The players love the England band too! Unfortunately, with the vuvuzela, nobody can hear the band. Of course, this is an African World Cup so we should respect their right to play the vuvuzela, but that doesn't mean we should like it. It really makes the games hard to watch. So far, this has been a very disappointing tournament. I really hope it improves, but I also hope that after this World Cup, we never hear another vuvuzela again! EVER!
June 15, 2010
June 14, 2010
World Cup is a great event...I love Soccer!!!, I think Spain will be CHAMPION!!!, Do you agree with me???...I Luv u <3!!!!
June 15, 2010
Big paid retards running after leather ball and even bigger retards paying themselves sick to get watch that and crapping in their pants and potentially starting to beat each other if the "wrong team" wins. But outside being mass stupidity. It's economically big thing for South-Africa. Gonna give big boost to every branch of business right from car rental to prostitution... And medicine companies will clap their hairy hands when the "sports enthusiast" return back to their home countries with STD:s as extra souvenirs. Happiness for everyone!
June 15, 2010
i think it is a hard race for winning . but which team will win the race? GOD knows. good luck for all teams.
June 15, 2010
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