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What does this mean? Jack N' Poy Holi Holi Hoy Si Kenkoy Sino'Ng Matalo Nahulog Sa Kahoy! Siyang Unggoy!
Jun 15, 2010 3:56 AM
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Hi :D Yes, it's a "chant" we sing when playing "rock-paper-scissors" game. The one I know is just like this: Jack N' Poy Holi Holi Hoy Sino'Ng Matalo Siyang Unggoy! The shorter version. Ang Pag-salin: "Jack 'N Poy" - Jack and Poy "Holi Holi Hoy" - * this one are just words picked out to rhyme with the first one. "Sino'Ng Matalo" - Whoever loses "Siyang Unggoy!" - will be the monkey ~ anyone could correct me if I'm wrong. Have a nice day :D
June 15, 2010
we actually use that "chant" in playing "rock-paper-scissors" game. I don't know how or when it was first played though, but I would play that popular game with my playmates when I was a little boy. Basically, the last part "sino'ng matalo... s'yang ungoy" means: "whoever looses would be the monkey (or would look like a monkey). :)
June 15, 2010
i am not sure about this but i think the word holi is actually huli means catch. cowboy...
June 16, 2010
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