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Using 이랑 in a sentence. Is this correct? I'm eating lunch with my little brother. -- 남동생이랑 점심 먹어요. Kindly correct it if it's wrong, and please give me some samples on how to use 이랑 properly. Thank you!
Jun 15, 2010 10:39 AM
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flawlessly correct:) here are some more examples of it's usage. Q: 누구랑 같이 점심먹었어요?.(who have you had lunch with?) possible answers: 1.남동생이랑 점심 먹었습니다. 2.남동생이랑 같이 점심 먹었습니다. 3.남동생하고 같이 점심 먹었습니다. As you see, sometimes the word "같이" comes with "~이랑" and also "~하고" as in "~ 하고 같이" is the same meaning with "~이랑" in this sentence. Both of them mean "with together" :) in a nutshell, this word "이랑" can be used like this in sentences. A 이랑 do something A (이)랑 같이 do something A 하고 do something A 하고 같이 do something in here,'A' could be a person or a pet.:) Q: 누구랑 같이 산책했어요? (who did you go for a walk with?) possible answers: 1.친구랑 같이 산책했어요 2.강아지랑 같이 산택했어요 (강아지: a puppy) Q: 누구하고 같이 영화관 갔어요?(who did you go to the movie with?) possible answers: 1.친구하고 같이 갔어요. 2.친구랑 갔어요. 3.친구랑 같이 갔어요. :)
June 15, 2010
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