"~음"이 뜻입니다 "~음"이 뜻입니다? 문장의 앞에 아닌데, 때 그것은 단어의 앞에 있습니다... (제 질문을 정확한지?)
Jun 15, 2010 9:03 PM
Answers · 2
do you want to know what "~음" means? 1. it means sound or tone. eg) 높은음, 낮은음 2. sometimes it explains condition or situation to something or someone. eg) 맛있음, 맛없음.멋있음 but we don't say like that in spoken Korean. 3. it can be used an interjection when it's at the beginning. eg) 음~좋은데!, 음~맛있어! 4. when you considering or puzzing over something, you can say "음~or 흠~", which sound like "hmm". these're all i know. "~음"이 뜻입니다? -------> "~음"이 무슨뜻 입니까? 문장의 앞에 아닌데, 때 그것은 단어의 앞에 있습니다... ------->sorry but i don't get it.
June 16, 2010
I think you might want to ask questions in English or add note in English, Well, Guess you are asking about the surfix 'Eum' which for making an adjective to a noun, Simply It's exactly same to the use of '~ness' in English, Lonely - Lonliness UeRopDa - UeRoEum
June 15, 2010
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