help: need a very polite way to ask for a request a korean boyband is coming to Malaysia & they're holding a fan autograph session after their showcase. I'd really like them to sign my album cover, dedicating their signature to me, ie. I want them to write my name + sign, so it'll be like "to Ameerah" or "dedicated to Ameerah" etc. with their signatures below it. I'm planning to write/print it on a piece of paper & show it to them at the session. It'll be somewhat like: "Hello. My name is Ameerah. I'm really happy to meet you. Would you please please dedicate your signature to my name? Thank you very much!" any other sentence suggestions that's better than mine is very much appreciated. As long as they get the meaning that I want them not to only sign but also to write my name. thanks :)
Jun 16, 2010 2:03 PM