I just read this and couldn't take in. I read it twice and still couldn't take in. Separate your index finger and your middle finger to the width of the page of the print. If that is uncomfortable, take your little finger and your index finger and separate them to the width of the print on the page. When you read, run your fingers down the outside of the pages, pacing yourself at the rate of 10 seconds per full page of print. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think? If I understand it correctly, does this freak say he reads a page per 10 seconds when he reads a book? Thank you, guys! = ]
Jun 16, 2010 3:09 PM
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It does seem like the author is telling you he can read at a rate of one page per 10 seconds. Although, I have a suspicion what he's doing/referring to is the art of 'skimming'. This is a skill similar to speed reading in which the reader 'scans' each line for key details rather than reading each word. The premise of this is that the human brain only needs to decipher and take in 'key words' in order to make sense of any given text. For example, consider if you were to read the sentence, 'come and see me later', you only need the latter in order to understand what's being asked of you. So with speed reading or skimming you would ignore the first few words and only quickly read the last few. I often used this method throughout my degree and although it's known as speed reading I think the name is misleading. Rather than using speed what I do is 'chunk' words together as opposed to reading each and every letter. This is a phenomenon investigated in psychology and is used by almost everyone in less concentrated formats. For example, when someone gives you their number you often group several numbers together right? i.e. read the numbers 0,8,0,0 as 0800 as opposed to separately. Or if I were to give you the letter sequence F,B,I,C,I,A,S,A,T, you would be more likely to remember it if you chunked the letters FBI, CIA and SAT together. Anyway, I digress :P
June 16, 2010
Yes, that's what he means and yes he is probably a freak. :P Personally I'd use a ruler or a sheet of paper. But: speed-reading is a skill which can be developed through practice and *lots* of concentration. Methods like the above force you to read line by line, instead of phrase by phrase or clause by clause - you can get used to it. Problem is, when I read I like the luxury of pausing and enjoying my wandering thoughts...
June 16, 2010
I think he's talking about a 'method' of focus and concentration to help you read faster\better or to actually take in more of what you're reading ><;; That's just my guess.. it's kind of confusing hehe.
June 16, 2010
Lol, yeah, it sounds like he's saying that he can read a whole page in about 10 seconds. Maybe it's a children's book? Btw, with your title, you should use "couldn't take IT in".
June 16, 2010
June 16, 2010
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