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Jewish Skylock against Christian Antonio in Merchant of venice !! in Merhcant of venice SHakespear showed to us a good picture of Christian citizens in Venice represented in the character of Antonio - On the other hand SHakespear showed to us a bad picture about Jewish represented in Shylock ) so what's the point of that ? ( to show that bad picture about Jewish Shylock ) ?? I just wondering of that ? are there any reasons of that ?
Jun 17, 2010 2:01 PM
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In his period of life citizens of European countries didn't like Jews. I remember Martin Luther's words. He told others to destroy their synagogues, to banish them ...
June 17, 2010
Hello Rawdah :)) well I think SHakespear wants to show to us the really natural of Jewish in his period .not just in this Drama but in most of his works he gave to us bad picture about the Jewish . Good luck Rawdah !
June 17, 2010
Because they were not on good terms with the Jews in that period we have studied this novel in high schools.by the way,al pacino such a role
June 17, 2010
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