What are some basic sentences in chinese\mandarin? (written in English please ><;)
Jun 17, 2010 10:48 PM
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你好ni3 hao3=hello 很高兴认识你ren3 gao1 xing4 ren4 shi2 ni3=nice to meet you 你过得怎么样ni3 guo4 de zen3 me yang4=how are you 谢谢xie4 xie4=thanks 再见zai4 jian4=bye 打扰一下da3 rao3 yi1 xia4=excuse me 这个多少钱zhe4 ge4 duo1 shao3 qian2=how much is it? 请问,到。。。。怎么走qing3 wen4,dao4...(somewhere)zen3 me zou3?=could you tell me how to get ....(somewhere)
June 17, 2010
请问 qing3 wen4---can you tell me that... 很好 hen3 hao3---It is good 不好 bu4 hao3---It is bad 我的名字是 wo3 de1 ming2 zi4 shi4---my name is... 稍等 shao1 deng3---wait for a minute
June 18, 2010
吃了吗?chi 1 le ma ?the last two words no tone. means have u had a meal? Chinese is habit to use this sentence just as What's up?
June 18, 2010
good morning=zao shang hao good night=wan an good luck =hao yun sorry=dui bu qi
June 18, 2010
hello, hi --- 你好 ni hao. what`s ur name.? --- 你叫什么名字? ni jiao shen me ming zi. see u tomorrow ---明天见 ming tian jian
June 17, 2010
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