Douglas Rafael
What the difference in 'thank's and thank you ???
Jun 18, 2010 1:12 AM
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Hi Douglas. The question should be: "What is the difference 'between' thanks and thank you?" Or "What is the difference in the use of thanks and thank you". Well, when you say "Many thanks" which is the way it is commonly used here. You are able to intensify your 'thank you': as in "Muito obrigado" Many, many thanks. Or you can use the two together: Thank you and many thanks for the information. A common saying here is " Thanks for that" when referring to something specific. You must not use a possessive apostrophe - thank's is incorrect. thanks is correct. It is a simple plural. More than one thank - thanks plural. I have some information about the possessive apostrophe which I have prepared for someone else that I will also send to you. Many thanks for the question.
June 18, 2010
"Thanks" is less formal than "Thank you". Your friend: "Here's a copy of that CD you like" You: "Thanks." Your boss: "I think you are the best person to be in charge of the department." You: "Thank you. I appreciate your confidence in me."
June 18, 2010
Thank you is more specific, it is dedicate to the person you are talking to, it is "YOU". " Thanks" is not specific, it can be you, she, he or them.
June 18, 2010
as the majority says, the formality sets the difference... be careful of putting an apostrophe (') before "s"... it should only be "thanks". :)
June 18, 2010
Hi... The meaning is the same but the way to say it is little bit different... As you know now one is formal "thank you" and one is informal "thanks"...
June 18, 2010
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