What do you call them? What do you call them who believe everything has its rules and think they have to follow it without a lot of deep thinking? Thanks!
Jun 18, 2010 5:50 AM
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are you asking for a translation in english? The thing/problem, etc is that any word you may receive would carry a lot of connotations, rather than denotation. There is a term for this in psychology/psychiatry but i dont have it at hand now. Maybe "gregarious" is close to it. In a more informal, casual way i ll add "sheep", (noun), or "sheepish (adjective) people". But i guess there are hundreds of words you can use for this.
June 18, 2010
June 18, 2010
Republicans! (oh sorry) I just couldn't resist! hahahahaha
June 19, 2010
People who follow others and show blind / unquestioning obedience are called 'sheep'.
June 18, 2010
Yes, you call these blindly dependent people sheep. Baa!
June 18, 2010
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