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The source or the title of book of this makimono: English and Japanese? There is one absolutely intriguing text in Japanese martial arts published in English before 1990 by M. Random(?): ‘I haven’t the parents - the sky and the earth are my parents’. Twenty lines, the last one is ‘I haven’t the sword yet - mushin is my sword’. Inside the text some terms are left in Japanese: 裁可炭田 -- saika tanden, ‘one mediastinum’, 生殺自在 -- seisatsu jizai, ‘freedom to kill and give a life’, 臨機応変 -- rinkiouhen, ‘adaptability to all’, 虚実 -- kyojitsu, ‘emptiness and fullingness’, 問い即答 -- toi sokutou, ‘rapidity of mind/spirit’, 不動心 -- fudoushin, ‘calmness of mind/spirit’, 無心 -- mushin, ‘solubility of mind in emptiness’, ‘nothin-to-do-principle’. The questions are like these: Who exactly was an author of this text in Japan, what century, what time, what school? Who is M. Random, or M. Rundom, or M. Randome, or whatever else? What is a title (ISDN?) of this book in English? Of course I know that you know that we both have been knowing how difficult this question is but the questions look nice and help us to keep our nice and friendly conversation going, and if you really know the answers I have been searching more than ten years we are definitely can be friends forever:) (Please, don’t bother about nameless Internet I-don’t-know-what-is-it-but-I-feel-myself-so-cool pages:D)
Jun 18, 2010 10:51 AM
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Are you asking about the book or the text/quote? The Japanese words look like bushido or martial arts terms. Some are from classic books, some are from Zen/Buddhism philosophy, and some are from Chinese philosophy. "Saika tanden" should be 臍下丹田 in kanji. (They also say "seikatanden) "It's traditional Chinese medical term which refers somewhere behind the navel. It's considered that one will get power if he/she gather energy there.
June 18, 2010
http://www.jujitsu.no/english/the_martial_arts1.html Is that it? It was written by Michel Random and published in 1977.
June 18, 2010
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