Amiret el jazayer
what's the difference between every couple of word hate and detest bad_____worse_____worst average_______ medium _______intermediate Gift and presents feeling and sensation and motion and love over there __ there home _ house kids___ children safe_ ___ security tired ___ boring city hole___ house holds team ___ item learn __ study holden __ wait city center ___ downtown ____ business of city seek for ___ look for __ find __ found neighborhood ___ place snorkeling ___ swimming taught ___ through __ thought must __ should ___ may ___ might __ could shop ___ store i stayed __ i didn't stay pie __ cake __sweet many ___ much one_ __ ones nice __ pretty __ beautiful smart __ intelligent __ clever suburb _____ country side pretty well __ pretty good I am less long than my brother i am shorter than my brother
Jun 18, 2010 2:32 PM
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my friend what is this????? do you want to make any record on italki??? gud luck for that .heheehehe
June 24, 2010
I just picked a few from your long list: bad_____worse_____worst : they are of the same meaning only that "worse" is the superlative form of "bad" while "worst" is the superlative form of "worse" Gift and presents: both have the same meaning only that: "I give present to my love ones" while "I give gifts to my friends, colleagues or office mates." a "present is something you give to someone whom you fave an affection with. home _ house: a "house" is a structure that is sold, while a "home" is some place you live and have all types of personal experiences. kids___ children: personally, I know that they both refer to a toddler / youngster only that "children" is used to describe human beings while "kids" to goat... hehehe tired ___ boring: although they both are adjectives, they don't have the same meaning. "tired" might refer to your physical or mental depletion of energy while "boring" refers to the state where you lack interest causing mental weariness. i stayed __ i didn't stay: do you rather mean "I stayed, I did stay"? then they are just the same in the simple past tense form. snorkeling ___ swimming: "snorkeling" basically mean 'skin diving with a snorkel'. "swimming" is plainly travelling or afloat through or on the water. many ___ much: "many" is used with countable nouns while "much" is used with non-countable nouns. :)
June 19, 2010
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