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Listing of anime which make you cry, laugh, and/or think? 1 Real Drive, 2 The Sky Crawlers (film), 3 Five cm, 4 Basilisk, 5 NHK ni Youkoso. 1 FLCL, 2 Samurai Champloo, 3 Lucky Star, 4 Sayonara, 5 Zetsubou-Sensei, 6 Mezzo Forte. 1 Ghost in the Shell, 2 Ghost Hound, 3 Ninja Scroll, 4 Requiem from the Darkness, 5 Darker than Black, 6 Cowboy Bebop, 7 Black Lagoon, 8 Bakemonogatari, 9 Appleseed (OVA), 10 Eden of the East. This listings look I like mostly to think^^ Actually, I enjoy every time I watch something like these. Requiem from the Darkness and Cowboy Bebop have absolutely stunning music! So, what is yours?
Jun 19, 2010 9:59 AM
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Cry - 僕等がいた Laugh - いちご100% Think - エルゴプラクシー
June 22, 2010
Dragon Ball of course, it has a lot of epic momments , funny momments and a lot of nostalgia, specially in the end when you remember watching Goku growing since he was a kid until he turns into a grandpha. Saint Seiya combines Greek Myth , horoscopes , constellations, knights,etc. With some sadness in some parts when they sacrifice for eachother and encouragin some values like friendship. For me it has the best music of all the anime ever made. Yu Yu Hakusho is simply the best , smart fights with twists at the last momment, combined with well balanced characters i can say it's at the level of Dragon Ball. Ranma 1/2 The best word to describe it is -fun- it doesn't have a complicated story , it's just a lot of funny momments each chapter. I laughed a lot watching this anime , and of course it has some feelings evolved in it because it is about a love story but mostly it is about martial arts. Captain Tsubasa - I love soccer, this anime is about soccer so I loved it since the first time I saw it.
June 21, 2010
wow!!you have watched a lot of animes.I like Bleach best.
June 20, 2010
yeh i love watching anime like the witches, naroto , totaly spies, avtar , ben 10 , spiderman , batman , superman , inyshia, sharlek holmes, konon , the black cat and so on .
June 19, 2010
i enjoy watching anime it maakes me laugh.... -_-
June 19, 2010
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