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Questions about the endings 도와 줄래? and 도와 드릴까요? I was trying to work out how to say Who will help me? in Korean. While trying to work it out I came across two ways to ask for help 도와 줄래? and 도와 드릴까요? Please could you explain about 줄래 and 까요 I am having trouble working out how they work and what the base verb is in each :( If you could break them both down for me that would be great! Thank you!I think for who will help me I should most likely say 누가 날 도와줄래? am I right is the best way ie: 나는 한국어를 배우고 싶어요! 누가 날 도와줄래?sorry typo thats please can you explain about 줄래 and 드릴까요 not just 까요!
Jun 19, 2010 10:12 AM
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줄래 and 드릴까요 Can you help me? (도와줄래? /informal) Can I help you? (도와 드릴까요? / formal and polite)
June 19, 2010
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