The thinkings of people that all over the world about Russia
Jun 19, 2010 8:19 PM
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I think Russia is a pretty place.And I love it!
June 20, 2010
My brother was visiting Russia last year, the brought souvenirs and many pictures. I think it is a great place; I want to know Siberia and all of those castles. Russian music sound to me very happy and exiting, even when I do not have a clue of what is being said. In addition, I fill amazed by those Russian words without any vowel. The first thing that comes to a Brazilian’s mind about Russia is the freezing cold and socialism.
June 20, 2010
Most of what we learn about Russia in school is czar-related and Cold War communism. We hear things like "their economy's building and they have a lot more technology now that their government is more stable and open to trade", but I'm pretty sure that the main thought on most people's minds in my country when they think about Russia is how it was before the Berlin Wall came down. But like Jonathan said, no one in my generation has a strong feeling either way towards Russia. We're pretty neutral and thus, don't think too much about it. Also, there was that whole Russian bride thing in the 1990s...
June 20, 2010
Well, when I think about Russia I think about snow. There must be a cold country. The people, well I don't know. I've got just 2 Russians in my msn and they're kind and able to learn. Russian musics are amazing ^ - ^ And I'd like to learn Russian.
June 19, 2010
The honest answer is, nobody thinks about Russia never.It's like an invisible country .
June 19, 2010
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