awake(v) and wake What is the difference between awake(v) and wake
Jun 20, 2010 10:34 AM
Answers · 1
I found this for you^^ I ......... at six o'clock in the morning every day. (a) awake (b) wake up (c) get up from my bed (d) leave my bed I wake up at six o'clock in the morning every day. 'Awake' is normally used as an adjective. In literature, the term, as a verb, is used. However, in everyday English, it is not normally used as a verb. For example, a character in a book might say "I awoke to the sound of music." In everyday English, however, "I woke up to the sound of music' is the more accepted phrase. "Awake" is usually used as an adjective "Wake" is a verb We don't use "the bed" when we are referring to our own bed. It isn't necessary so we don't use "the bed" in this case. It is natural and common to use "I got up at...." or "I woke up at...."
June 20, 2010
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