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what's the difference in use between Had better /Had rather ? Thanks before
Jun 20, 2010 11:07 AM
Answers · 2
1- Had better: We use had better to say what is the best thing to do in a particular situation. 'You're ill. You had better see a doctor, NOT You have better see a doctor.' 'I'd better tidy this room up.' 'Had better' is stronger than 'should' or 'ought to ', although it is not as strong as 'must'. I'd better tidy up means that I am going to tidy up, because it is the best thing to do. The negative is 'had better not.' 'Come on. We'd better not waste any time.' 2- Would rather (NOT had rather): Would rather means 'prefer' or 'would prefer' (we use it to express preference) 'I'd rather walk than hang around for a bus.' 'Would you rather eat now or later?' The negative is 'would rather not.' 'I'd rather not take any risks.'
June 20, 2010
Had better... Would rather.... No such phrase as "had rather"
June 20, 2010
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