how can i find my happiness? with enough dollars,apartment why i am alwasy down thx 4 u guys words. i really appreciate what you told to me . yup .,i just asked some Qs to me and found the real reason: i should find a right lady. My!
Jun 20, 2010 12:55 PM
Answers · 5
i will give you the key of hapinesse my friend ^^ , well before you slep aske your self a questions , a very easy question : ""Why i was born?"" or "" Why i exist if i have to died later ??"" and i assure you if you find the answers i swers , you will be the hapinesse personne in the world ^_^ and like i sed there is juste the key after that you can find the door alone ....see you my friend ^^ PS: realy sorry about my english i try to do my best ^^
June 20, 2010
Well try more dollars and a cabrio =D just kidding.In my opinion,the better way to find it,you have to spend more time to yourself and for your dudes.And ofcourse its very important to find the right woman ;-)
June 20, 2010
Look inside yourself . Nothing on the outside can make you happy.
June 21, 2010
well , as a moslem , i believe that islam gives the answer for these two most important questions "as sasuke said it is the door key for happiness ", "why i was born?" "why i exist if i have to die later?"
June 20, 2010
do u want to do
June 20, 2010
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