question in my head ? came a question in my head when i listened to a song for the children of war the question is since I was born I did not hear about a war, but in the arab countries wonder why ? we in this century is how people are dying of hunger and war,i wonder why ? so i wanted to join my friends do you think you are surprised that as well? i want to know what do you think or do you not care?
Jun 20, 2010 12:59 PM
Answers · 3
i will answer to some of ur questions coz i live in a arabe country about the war,we know this word because it is mentionned in the holy quran,this book who has sent by allah(the god) tell us many things about our prophet and his wars against the others to make spread the islam. people are dying of hunger and war coz Rule of the strong over the weak
June 20, 2010
As an Arabic person I will never allow to anyone to force me or give me orders for doing something which is don't match my opinion or thought even if I will lost all my life, you can generalize that on all Arab people. when certain country occupied my homeland or stealing its resource or trying to govern it I can't be a watcher, I will think on one thing only my homeland so I will fight and fight against my country enemies and I don't care about all my life and its gains. Why starving kills a lots of people , can you tell me why a big company throw away foods on the sea instead of sending it to the poor country!! do you know why !! just to keep its price high
June 20, 2010
i come from a peace country,and my childhood is really nice,all i had was happiness,but when i grow up,i heard the news of the war,the people is innocent ,and the children are poor,i just want no war in the world and every kid should have a sweet childhood!!!
June 21, 2010
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