what's the best way to solve the problem of mixing two English accents? I mix between British & American accents in speaking, I've been trying to tackle this problem by reading many books and articles & watching movies, I do speak fluently but I want to speak one accent!nadouche I prefer British too because I feel that it's more splendid particularly with its "r" pronunciation " I love it :) " it's really amazing, but I find confing to American is easier as it's spoken widely in here & I rarely hear British except on the BBC FM :) Jura, Thanks for the links but I don't why they're not woking! it's written that "page is not found"! I think I had signed up in usingenglish two years ago but I forgot my username & password :$ peachey, I remember when I tried to figure out the meaning of a list of Australian terms. I could barely understand them! :$ I'm confining my efforts in one accent which is American, but still confused a little bit! I've started with american movies. wish me luck!
Jun 21, 2010 3:29 PM
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I think you're confusing yourself, by reading, listening and watching too widely. Be selective! Confine yourself to only American or British (or Australian! yes yes!) movies, shows, etc. In fact, pick one character and practice how they speak. Then when you're comfortable with the one regional style, start watching more widely so you can compare your own "style" against what you hear.
June 22, 2010
I find it incredible. Usually people stick to one accent. Practice in one accent once you make a choice. If you want a British accent practise speaking using different mouth positions until you can do it. Try recording yourself and comparing it to a British speaker on TV. Check these out for sources:
June 21, 2010
Hi candle, I prefer British accent because it's sweet and original but I find that American is easier ... you don't need extra efforts to catch the American.but with British you have to learn some phonetics helped me..I use oxford dictionary to not make mistakes in pronouncing some words..the hardest thing for me is the final "er" ... they swallow letters ...I wonder why they don't pronounce the "r" in girl +bird+third...... an American pronounce clearly..but a British torture you to understand him
June 21, 2010
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