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Garden Gnomes are just Creepy. Aren't they?
Jun 21, 2010 5:12 PM
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What are you guys talking about !? They are little people who help plants to grow, they are like guardians of all garden life ... =p hahahaha... I think they are cute ! ! !
June 21, 2010
OMG I hate them . My mum bought one and it's in my garden! I hate it especially when I'm coming home late at night ! Sincerely, I'm afraid that he's alive. Garden gnomes have creepy face !
June 21, 2010
For the ones who still wonder what those garden gnomes are all about check here: http://www.gnomegarden.net/page/gnome_photo_gallery And guess what ? You'll find the elegant lizard there as well ;)
June 24, 2010
My uncle like a graden gnome in human size XD
June 22, 2010
is thing really exist?look airplane flying all the palces and theres a lot of computer everywhere and people are inventing atificial plant by now.and pestcide are using everyday i hope that you ain't spray them. cowboy...
June 22, 2010
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