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What does 대화가 가능할지 mean? also Im struggling to understand how 영어를 다 잊어 먹었어 works, please help! Someone sent me a message, in the message was this line 영어를 다 잊어 먹었어요...대화가 가능할지. I understand what 영어를 잊어 먹었어요 means I had forgotten everything in English, but only because I used an on-line translator. I am struggling to understand exactly how it means that, how the sentence works. Please could you explain, the part that is most confusing me is 다 and a: why 어 follows forget and b: Why you say 먹었어요 as lol I read that and I understand it as eat! Is it a slang way of talking? Also I can not work out what 대화가 가능할지 means I believe 대화가 means conversation or dialogue but 가능할지 has stumped me, please can you explain what it means and how it works, is it one one, two or more is any part a particle etc? Thank you very much!Typo* is it one one, two or more words, is any part a particle etc?
Jun 21, 2010 5:59 PM
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다 means 'totally, at all'. 잊어먹다 is a compound verb that uses two verbs, 잊다 and 먹다. When a verb is compounded with another, the first verb conjugates. Whatever conjugates in Korean, it's meant to use 아/어 or something else(for irregular verbs). 잊 has 이(not 오/아), so it uses 어. As you say, it's an informal way of saying it. 먹다 puts (slight?) emphasis on the first verb. About its meaning, I think it's like when you ate the last piece of cake - it's gone, you don't have it any longer. Similarly we say also 까먹었어요(a bit more informal). It uses 까다(peel), 먹다. It makes me imagine a kid unwraps the candy and eats it. Other ones are 해먹다(do, different from 해(서)먹다), 말아먹다(spoil), 알아먹다(understand/get), 써먹다(use), et cetera, et cetera. ㄹ지 is used to indicate you're not sure about something. 가능하다 to be possible 대화가 가능할지 (I'm not sure) if we can have a conversation 내일 비 올지 (I'm not sure) if it will rain tomorrow Hope it helps!
June 22, 2010
dear sweety, are you question is "대화가 가능할지 "'s mean? ok I answer for you, but my english is some weak. you understan anyway. 다 =="everything " she(he) said, he is forgot how to speak english. and then " 대화가 가능할까? " 대화 ==communication. she(he) worried of you and she(he) are communication is some difficult.
June 22, 2010
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