Could somone please translate this for me (ちゃっかり、パソコンにチェンジ!やっちゃう?繋がる?)? Learning Japanese@Megumi, Oh its part of a conversation i was having with a Japanese friend, My Japanese ist great so i don't always understand well ^^;; im farely certain it was a reply to one of these comments ( あ,きょうも菜奈さんはいいですか) or (あ,わかりますわたしもイギリスじん) thanks any help is really appreciated . ^.^
Jun 21, 2010 10:44 PM
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Where did you see it? Context would really help.... ^-^ EDIT: Hmm... Okay.... I'm not great with conversational (read: slang-y) Japanese.... So, here's a literal (kinda stiff!) translation (with a word-by-word breakdown): ちゃっかり means shrewdly, cheeky, nervy, etc... パソコン is PC/computer (に is a multipurpose particle... and sometimes confusing!) チェンジ is a loanword for "change". やっちゃう is the imperative (? maybe...) form of "do". (Or, they're swearing at you... Like I said, I'm not good with slangy Japanese! ^-^*) 繋がる is "to be tied together; to be connected to; to be related to," etc. So, an overall translation might be: Nervy, it changes (your?) computer! (Did you? <maybe...>) Do it? Is it connected? Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful.... ~Megumi
June 22, 2010
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