About Japan First of all, Sorry for that this isn't for language, I have a plan to have a trip in Japan, I know only Tokyo & Osaka & Hotkaido with some information, I've heard of other cities though, I want to go to Tokyo flying to Haneda Airport, as it's close to the downtown, Here comes my question : Robbongi, Ginza, Shinjyuku Among those three town, Which town is the most modern ????
Jun 22, 2010 2:32 AM
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II think that it would be interesting for you to go to Roppoingi, as it is an interenational district where you can enjoy any kinds of foods with varities of restaurant, disco, bar and so on. More importantly, you can probably get information from foreigners or Japanese who comes to Roppongi for fun.
June 24, 2010
First, you possibly need to be clarified of the fact that, although there are two major airports ("kuukou", 空港) in Tokyo (東京[都]), Japan -- Haneda (羽田) and Narita (成田) -- only Narita airport provides flight services to overseas. I believe that this was one of the major purposes why the Japanese government built Narita -- to diverse all international flights there due to the capacity constraint bounded by the original Haneda. As you are not even located in the Far East Asian region, I am afraid that you have possibly no choice but to first land yourself at Narita airport, unless you could find flight services to Kansai (関西) airport in Osaka (大阪), or even the Central (中部) airport in Nayoga (名古屋) region. In terms of the places -- Roppongi (六本木), Ginza (銀座), and Shinjuku (新宿) -- that you mentioned in the question, I rather consider them as districts ("ku", 区) than town. In terms of modernity, I honestly cannot provide you so much in details (as I have not been in the Tokyo area for over 10 years), but I suggest that you may refer to the travel guidance given in wikipedia travel for further details. Take care, and good day. / 気をつけて。それじゃ、良い 一日を。
June 23, 2010
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