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to foreinghers:do u read Chinese novels?(I wanna make some non-profit audio books) Although I seldom read books,haha,I prefer to listen to book,because I think more audio language input is the most efficient way to learn a kind of language.If u learn Chinese and read Chinese novels,then tell me which websites offer free Chinese novels or what good novels you have caught....then I might consider to take a crack to record non-profit podcasts,hehe.For a fun and also help people language learning.LOL I have three Apple mics with good quality of recording platform,so don't worry the sound quality before I my debut.
Jun 22, 2010 5:06 AM
Answers · 4
Sounds good! Have you also looked at www.rhinospike.com ? I think you'll have a lot of fun there. ;)
June 22, 2010
I read a Dream of the Red Mansions before
June 22, 2010
have you have heard about the "Red Scarf Girl" cowboy...
June 22, 2010
i dont
June 22, 2010
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