are you around是什么意思
Jun 22, 2010 9:11 AM
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Are you about? is 你在吗?
June 22, 2010
June 22, 2010
你在吗? be around 露面 around : 副词 ad. 1. 到处,四处 Just drive me around. 开车带我四处走走就行了。 2. 周围,附近 Let me see if he is around. 我看看他是否在附近。 3. 向相反方向 She turned around to see who was calling her. 她转身看谁在叫她。 4. 环绕;循环地 The windmill kept turning around. 风车不停地转动着。 5. 大约 The journey will take around ten days. 这次旅行大约要用十天时间。 介词 prep. 1. 围绕,环绕 They sat around the table. 他们围桌而坐。 2. 在...四处 Ann travelled around Europe for a few months. 安妮在欧洲各地旅游了数月。 3. 在...附近 She liked to work around her own home. 她喜爱在她自己家的附近工作。 4. 绕过 They went around the town, not through it. 他们没有穿过而是绕过该镇而行。 5. 大约,将近 He went to the United States around 1987. 他大约是在一九八七年去美国的。
June 22, 2010
Good question, out of the context, what does it mean?
June 22, 2010
r u around 意思是问“你在我附近吗?”
June 22, 2010
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