whats the difference from "none" and "no"? why is "pay no attention to" ?why not is "pay none attention to"?
Jun 22, 2010 12:02 PM
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Simi83 is more accurate in her answer. "none" refers to the quantity of something, the number. How many? 0, or none. No can be used is a number of situations to express something negative like: "No chance,or no way" , meaning it will not happen No also can mean incorrect, not right -- it is also a common response to a question Example: Q: Do you like coke? A: No. ; No, I do not like it.
June 24, 2010
sorry, but the first comment is wrong. what Rain explains here is the word "noone/ no one". This indeed is a form of nobody. "none" is a form of saying "not a single one". So when "none" is used it's a statement about a number of things, in this case "zero". "no" can have the same meaning but if no is used in the same sense you always need to add the thing that is not existent in the same sentence while "none" can stand for itself. Note that "none" can only be used concerning countable things. Here's a little conversational example using all three "no", "none" and "noone": - Hey, why is there no coke in the fridge? - Why? There should still be three of them. - But there is none! (note that you couldn't say here "There is no" only "none" can stand allone) - Has anyone taken them? - How could that be? Noone was here while we were out. (interchangeable with "nobody") - How strange. Anyway, as there's no coke left let's go buy some.
June 22, 2010
none means no body here and also is the oppiste of everyone .for example none is here . no means refusing for decision or something passive . for example do u want to go outside ? your answer is no . also he has no job .
June 22, 2010
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