Michelle Chen
who can translate it for me? Small intestinal volvulus caused by loose surgical staples Small intestinal volvulus beyond infancy is rare and usually has an iatrogenic cause.The authors describe ann adolescent boy with small bowel volulus secondary to the presence of free intraperitoneal surgical surgical staples after a laparoscopic appendectormy.2009 Elseniver Inc.All rights reserved.
Jun 22, 2010 12:55 PM
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疏松缝合法引起的小肠扭转 除婴儿以外的小肠扭转案例是很少见的, 而且通常都有医源性的成因。书的作者在这里描述了一个青春期的男孩,腹腔手术后出现了小肠扭转现象,他是在腹腔镜阑尾切除手术后做的缝合。 2009 Elseniver Inc 版权所有 (不知道’疏松缝合法‘是不是专业术语,如果你学医的,会有更合适的词。)
June 22, 2010
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