what's the different "map" and "atlas"? what's the different "map" and "atlas"?
Jun 22, 2010 1:39 PM
Answers · 5
An atlas is a set of maps/a book of maps.
June 22, 2010
yes, 'atlas' is composed of mapS binded into one book! just to revise your question, you should say it this way: "what's the difference between map and atlas?" :)
June 22, 2010
你好 A map means 地图 An atlas is a book with a lot of maps, Ewa explained it. I´m not sure, maybe the chinese word is 缎子
June 22, 2010
map its small than atlas ,, atlas there is in side this alot of maps loool ,,,,
June 23, 2010
MAP=1. geographic diagram: a visual representation that shows all or part of the Earth's surface with geographic features, urban areas, roads, and other details 2. diagram of stars: a representation of the stars or the surface of a planet, usually in the form of a diagrammatic drawing 3. drawing showing route or location: a diagrammatic drawing of something such as a route or area made to show the location of a place or how to get there ATLAS=a book containing maps and vital statistics relating to geographic regions
June 22, 2010
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