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Jun 23, 2010 6:28 AM
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the answer is simple ) only the liar is that never trusts anybody ) a liar will think all people are like him/ her )))
June 23, 2010
" The fools believe everything, the smart people doubt of everything." Couple don't trust each other because both of them are smart people.
June 23, 2010
jealousy it's imporant thing in relationsheep, if became jealousy, then became suspicions, espaciaally in women's head became imaginate different things and don't trust...
June 23, 2010
i think the there are many reasons to make each people dont trust eachother..... but i think the main reason... is that one is making what kind of feeling to another people in one England research said that what makes wife and husband untrust and break the trust is because "curious" the motive that England wife wants to learn net is because they wanna see what their husband is doing it is because they are curious what they are doing when another one half is not beside them (one is too busy to do another thing and make him/her feel not having security sense ... )if one always beside your boyfriend/grlfriend and called to him/her when not beside i think it wont be a problem and worries why feel untrust (and dont look around handsome man or pretty woman too obniously) hahaha I think it is also some reasons below: 1.difference of the personalities. viewpoint 2.everyone has the difference containing amd different thing to make them feel angry 3.dont respect or trust eachother and the last thing ... i think if one is not trust people they will not trust one also :D
June 23, 2010
Take this garbage elsewhere, man.
June 23, 2010
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