Chan Zuo
French and Spanish Is there some similarity between French and Spanish?How about Portuguese and Spanish?Spanish and French,which one be used more widely in the world?
Jun 23, 2010 2:40 PM
Answers · 4
Hello Georgia, Spanish and Portuguese are more similar to each other than is Spanish to French, however there is still similarity between Spanish and French. The most spoken language of the 3 is Spanish, it is spoken in most of the South American continent with Brazil as an exception where Portuguese is spoken beside being the native tongue of Spain of course. Saludos ;)
June 24, 2010
French and Spanish are similar, they are both Latin based languages (Romance languages). The sound very different, but many things about the two languages, from words to sentence structure to word genders are very similar.
June 23, 2010
Portuguese and Spanish is similar, I speak spanish to the secretary at the portugese consulate, she response in Portugese, we understand each other. French and Spanish is not similar, neither pronounciation nor grammar. Europe, North and South America speak Spanish, Northern Part of America, Europe and Africa speak French. The Summer Institute for Linguistics (SIL) Ethnologue Survey (1999) report: Spanish (332,000,000), French (79,572,000). More people speak Spanish than French.
June 23, 2010
Yes estructures are similar, verbs working form, order in general. Some words arfe similar. The biggest diference is in writing in panish is written like sounds, french not, and speaking sounds are diferet french is softer. Portugese is more similar than french to the spanish. Structures, words, are very similar,the both languages are writen like sound. Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language in the world
June 23, 2010
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