I study english everyday,i read ,lishten,write..but i can not to recite all the artical.what shall i do?
Jun 23, 2010 5:18 PM
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Hi. You can learn and memorize English vocab free online.This website has themed units with pictures and sound, English games and free English lessons for beginners In order to memorize your English vocabulary you can follow 2 methods. First is the repetition-based method, where you learn English words by writing them several times or saying them repeatedly until you remember them all. If you patiently follow the process, you will see your vocabulary extended very well. Secondly, you also need have to have a notebook with your own note-taking rules. Each time you log onto Italki, note down any new words in the Questions and Answers section. The only problem is whether you want a rich vocabulary or not. Any good plan should answer the four following questions. Firstly, how many words will you learn a week: five, ten, fifteen or more? Secondly, when will you learn them? At a fixed time every other morning or anytime you feel like learning?This is what I personally recommend. Thirdly, how often will you review what you have learnt: once a week, once a month or before a test ? Finally, what areas of English will you focus on: sports, music, games or sciences? The answers may vary a great deal from one person to another depending on memory, schedules and interest. Otherwise, your study results won't be as you expected. You can gain a big vocabulary and improve your English by simply by determining what field of words to learn, making a plan of learning, choosing a learning method and regularly practising your plan and method. Although it is up to you, daily vocab learning is better than weekly and weekly is better than monthly.Good luck.
June 23, 2010
Hi it's better to write: I study English everyday. I read , listen and write but I cannot recall all the articles. What can I do?
June 23, 2010
June 23, 2010
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