Do you think killing dogs for its meat is a criminal action ( disgusting video)? http://www.metacafe.com/watch/yt-SMJXHMds2jE/facebook_seal_shepherd_dog_killing_eating_in_china/ Don't watch this video if you have a weak heart
Jun 24, 2010 6:17 AM
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Lets eat kitty meow !!! =p Anyway, I didn't watch the video and I'm sure it's awful . Animals are animals ... and I don't eat meat at all. For me cow, dog, snake or baby chicken are the same, then yes ! it's criminal !!! but that's just me ... it's always a matter of appreciation. I hope dogs return from hell and bite their butts !!!!
June 24, 2010
There's another question in this list about hypocrisy. That's what it is If you eat meat of any kind and then cast aspersions on people who eat dog meat. What is there ... some kind of animal IQ scale we must use to decide which ones to eat? Pigs are arguably as intelligent as dogs, so which of you has tossed a pork chop bone to your pooch after dinner? There is no valid argument against eating dogs, beyond the fact that they have big dreamy eyes. I have no problem with promoting humane slaughter methods, but don't try to impose your own cultural predilections on other peoples in other cultures. Just be glad you are at the top of earth's food chain. And when the alien saucers land, better hope they fall in love with our dreamy human eyes.
June 24, 2010
Ugh....my eyes....I just had a brief glimpse through this video, I could not watch it any longer. I do own a German Shepard...but I would never ever eat dogs they're all my best friends. Someone told me after you eat a dog you feel all warm inside...I don't want to try it....the only animal that I would eat is....Snake or lizard
June 24, 2010
It's disgusting.. I couldn't finish to watch it. Human beings are omnivores and in my opinion every animal is edible. I think there is no difference from a cow to a fish, an ostrich, a dog or a horse because they were all living creatures. I agree to eat animals because meat is a part of the human diet, but I PRETEND that they are killed in a not painful way! It's a crime to kill animals in such a cruel way. They did nothing wrong. Human being is the worst animal in the world :(
June 24, 2010
Hi... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't eat dogs... please It is the best friend for us!
June 24, 2010
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