Whats the difference between 'watch' and 'see' and 'look'? Watch the FIFA on the TV See the FIFA on the TV Look the FIFA on the TV
Jun 24, 2010 6:19 AM
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"To see" is used when you witness (see) something. You're not 'seeing' intently. You may not even want to see the object. Examples: "I saw the car drive away." "I saw the dog bite the mailman." "To look" is used when you go out of your way to see something. Examples: "I turned to look at the sign." "I looked in the closet for my clothes". "To watch" is used when you are intently 'seeing' something. Examples: "I watch FIFA on TV." "I watched the dog play in the yard."
June 24, 2010
Watch the FIFA on the TV: you concentrate on the FiFA games, you fix attention on it. "I'm watching FIFA football game on TV. " Look the FIFA on the TV: it's just have a look, glance at it, but not concentrate on it. "Hey, look at the FIFA game on TV, is it Kaka? " See the FIFA on the TV: it's also you see without attention and purpose, just witness it. " I saw the FIFA game is on now."
June 24, 2010
Hi Kathleen see =is when something or somebody comes to your sight and you were not looking at...not focusing at. watch=is when you are looking carefully and you are focusing specially when something is moving. look=is to pay attention to something or somebody. for tv we usually use watch ...
June 24, 2010
to watch is in a long perid of time but see and look is in short period. to look and to see isnt same thing when you are watching you are both seeing and looking sometimes when you look, you cant see.......;)
June 25, 2010
senior use “watch” middle use ”see“ primary use ”look“ this 看player is ability tounderstand
June 24, 2010
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