Your favorite food One that you could eat every day, without fail, and not getting bored of... ñam ñam
Jun 24, 2010 9:02 PM
Answers · 14
Hobbits in bbq sauce !!! =p There's one thing that here we call "empanadas", it's something made of bread with lots of cheese on the inside mmmmmmmmmmmm... and also I love cheese, so I guess I like pretty much all that has some cheese in it ! =D ps: ñam !!!!!!! ^^
June 24, 2010
Turkish Kebab and Baklava :-))
June 25, 2010
i always treat myself with blueberry/strawberry/oreo cheesecake from starbucks on weekend. my husband would buy me cheesecake to bribe me so he can spend time out with his friends.^^
June 25, 2010
pizza and lasagne alla norma (the second food is a kind of italian pasta baked with aubergines!)delicious... slurp! =P
June 25, 2010
Hi... Quiche Lorraine!!!
June 25, 2010
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