how to say" im glad to see you again" in arabic? from male to female / female to male .. shokran !! :)i need the pronunciation :)
Jun 25, 2010 2:47 AM
Answers · 11
form male to female: "أنا سعيد برؤيتكِ مرة أُخرى" pronounced as "ana sa'eed biro'yatek marra okhra" from female to male:"أنا سعيدة برؤيتَك مرة أُخرى " pronounced as "ana sa'eeda biro'yatak marra okhra" P.S: (ana) means I ..& it's optional
June 25, 2010
male to female / سعيد برؤيتكِ مرة أخرى female to male/ سعيدة برؤيتك مرة أخرى
June 25, 2010
tú puedes decir : سعيدة لرؤيتك مرة أخرى si tú eres hembra سعيد لرؤيتك مرة أخرى si tú eres hombre
June 30, 2010
انا سعيد انى شفتك تاني Egyptian style !! speaking language ana sa3eed enee (shoftak){male}/(shoftik){female} tanee
June 27, 2010
i agree with gretchen
June 25, 2010
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