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To old men or the senior:what hottest thing had you done when you was young?Fill me in,please. For me,in love with an American white girl.<3
Jun 26, 2010 4:29 AM
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To you: Such sad prejudice. (1) Us old people can do "hot" things still. Some of us may even have more experience. :) (2) "American white" contrasted with what? Sounds like a trophy. I wonder was she also a person that you cared for. I suspect that great things tend to happen to people who make themselves great people. Where great, to me includes less prejudiced. You should live your life the way you wish, but for me, I meet people & try to see people not categories. Stereotypes can be so misleading.
June 26, 2010
I didn't read it as predjudiced either. He fell in love with a girl, who happened to be Caucasian American. @Old man - be careful with the phrase "white girl" - it can sound racist or diminutive, even if that isn't what you intend. "Caucasian" is a safer word than "white" when describing race.
June 26, 2010
@Sir Nanren888, are you crying? Suppose a better nickname would be 'Nanrenku8', haha I don't think that was prejudice nor racism - But a symbol of developings fancying developeds which is just part of the basic humanity and more or less admittedly, aesthetically, (pretty) white girls are considered as the 'hottest' espe. in the East nowadays because blondies are all in the West. No offense to the OP, just talking about some social phenomena. And this is comprehensible and just a normal reflection of humanity. And funny that I only heard of 'African American' that refers to American black people. 'American white' contrasting to what just kind of reminds me the scene in 'Gang of New York' that an 'American white' gangster flaunts in front of Irish 'I'm native American' that made me roll on the laughing floor - that I think is really an embarrassing mixture of developing level and 'aesthetics'.
June 26, 2010
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