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왜 당신은 한국 가수를 좋아하는거야 ?????? 2 pm, 비 ....etccc
Jun 26, 2010 6:03 AM
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seems noone likes K-Pop, Kidding, lol Well, I do not really like K-Pop, but 2NE1 & Girl's Generation, Big Bang, Because Their music sounds so international as some of their songs are remake or America-origin, Frankly, Among Asian Pop Scene except Rock , Korean music has been improving a lot compared to 10 years ago, Many composers who studied overseas have been writing many good songs, Talented overseas Korean teenagers are coming to their mother land & get trained to be an idol in such good systems managed by Big entertainment companies, But I gotta say there must be weak points that There are still many songs might have copied just desperately as composers have lack of idea, and either female or male idols get too much surgery to be good looking , rather be perfect looking on screen, Compared to J-Pop scene , except Rock music, K-Pop is more like American Pop, Otherwise, There is no originality , As American Pop Culture has been influencing the world, People may feel familiar with such melody n rhythm n song structure, Hope this helped,
June 27, 2010
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