why do mosquitoes love me !!! Angry The weather is hot here and mosquitoes show up.but they only bited me ,all my roommates are fine so far,but i have got a lot of bite. Do mosquitoes love A type blood ? One of my roommates said so.hmm, perhaps they do. I dont know the type of my blood anyway.I dont have a body odor problem. Perhaps mosquitoes in different places are different just like people are.
Jun 26, 2010 3:45 PM
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Because you are very delicious!!!)))
June 26, 2010
nice people up there! popular wisdom says here mosquitos detect the sweetest body flavour. One thing is true. Before the moskito has biten you it has been checking you for a while to be sure it would find something tasty (i am not joking). The corporal smell, good or bad for human tastes, has nothing to do with it. Do you smoke? probably not, but it is good to puff tobacco smoke on the skin. If you abhorr smoking, just a single cigarrette tobacco on some water and applies as a lotion is a cheap and great solution. I smoke and i survive even in huge moskito infested areas.
June 26, 2010
mosquitoes love me too... just so you know, a mosquito isn't really after the type of blood it's going to suck but it is attracted by our body heat and carbon dioxide we are producing... you better apply a mosquito repellant lotion or use mosquito net to prevent from the mosquito bite. :)
June 26, 2010
umm .. . don;t know :( .. .. they also bit me :'( !! !!! but i just let it go , let them enjoy the moment :D
June 26, 2010
Not, it isn't your bood it's your body odor. the mosquitoes use their smell to localizate people, so they are more atracted for your body odor then other In other words. Take a shower =)
June 26, 2010
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