how to introduce myself to korean using their language??
Jun 26, 2010 4:42 PM
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안녕하세요 hello (formal) ahn-nyong-hah-seh-yoh 안녕 hello (casual) ahn-nyong 처음 뵙겠습니다 I’m glad to meet you. (formal) cho-eum-bep-ket-seup-nee-dah 만나 뵈어 반갑습니다 I’m glad to see you. (formal) mahn-nah-beh-uh-bahn-kap-seup-nee-dah 저의 이름은 XX입니다. My name is XX. (formal) jo-eh-ee-reum-eun-XX-eep-nee-dah 내 이름은 XX(이)야. My name is XX. (casual) neh-ee-reum-eun-XX-(ee)yah 저의 취미는 XX입니다. My hobby is XX (formal) jo-eh-chee-me-neun-XX-eep-nee-dah 내 취미는 XX(이)야. (casual) neh-chee-me-neun-XX-(ee)yah 나이는 XX살 이에요. I'm XX years old. (formal) nah-ee-neun-XX-sarl-ee-eh-yo 나이는 XX살이야. I'm XX years old. (casual) nah-ee-neun-XX-sarl-ee-yah. Source: http://www.westudykorean.com/
June 26, 2010
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