What is the difference between the words "use" and "usage"? Is there any difference between them? What of the following statements is/isn't correct? 1 - The USE of gloves helps protect hands. 2 - The gloves USAGE helps protect hands.
Jun 26, 2010 6:47 PM
Answers · 3
You will almost never need the word 'usage'. The only time I have ever used it is when referring to the 'usage' of english language. As in the following sentence. I can you with english pronunciation and usage. The question should be: 'Which of the following.....' 1. is fine 2. the word is just not used in this way. It is not incorrect but it sound extremely contrived.
June 26, 2010
Natahsa has the answer. I would just add a little. Your question is a good one & suggests a complete answer will be useful. "use" can be a verb. "use" as a noun is as in your sentence. "usage" is also, but has a feeling of being continued or commonly happening. The use of gloves is encouraged. Gloves are in common usage. The use of excessive water is prohibited. The sentence "It is me", is an incorrect use of English words. The sentence "It is me", is in common usage. I have only expanded on what Natasha said, she deserves any credit.
June 26, 2010
use is a verb which means:employ.utilize we can use th verb "use"as a noun which means utilization usage means ulitization your sentence is right
June 26, 2010
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