Which sentence is correct?at or in... Which is correct? 1. I'm going to go to the bookstore in Kyoto. 2.I'm going to go to the bookstore at Kyoko. Kyoto is the name of the city. I think 2 is correct,but I'm not sure... I want to know how to use "at" and "in".
Jun 26, 2010 9:06 PM
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We normally use 'in' with cities, towns and villages: 'You live in Kyoto.' (NOT at Kyoto) 'I'm going to go to the bookstore in Kyoto.' But you can use 'at' or 'in' when you think of the place as a point or station on a journey: 'Does the train stop at (or in) Kyoto? (at Kyoto station)' 'We stopped at (or in) a small village on the way to Kyoto.'
June 26, 2010
"I'm going to go to the bookstore IN Kyoto." "at Kyoto" doesn't work here. Here are some general ideas for using IN, AT, and ON for places, but they aren't useful all of the time. IN = for the "larger, more general places" a country, a city, a neighborhood I live in Kyoto in Japan in Asia AT = for the "specific, more exact information about the place" a specific building, the specific address, etc. I am at the bookstore. I live at home with my parents. I live at 2020 Main St. I'm at the door. Please let me in! (BUT! I live IN apartment 2C.) (BUT! It's located IN the center of the city.) ON = "places that are not too general or too specific, or a wide flat area I live on Main Street. (no number) on the avenue on the boulevard It's located on "the green line" (when you talk about a subway line). I live on a farm. The building is on the plaza. ON = public transportation = you and strangers riding together on the bus on the plane on the subway on the train and....on a bike (because you sit ON it) IN = you don't just "walk onto" it. I got.... in the taxi in the car There are only about 5000 exceptions to these "rules".. : ) You have to know if you are located there or going there too!
June 26, 2010
Well, is the book store inside the city (in) or lies it next to the city(at) ?
June 26, 2010
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