这个问题不太好回答!!!What is the difference between: 普通話, 國語, 漢語, 中國話, 中文, 國話? 天不怕,地不怕,只怕美國人講國話. 这是一个外国人问我的。这个问题真的让中国人说不清道不明的。这是一个外国人问我的。这个问题真的让中国人说不清道不明的。
Jun 27, 2010 11:07 AM
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天不怕, 地不怕,只怕美國人講國話 is a modified version. The original: 天不怕, 地不怕,只怕講鬼話. The original version means nothing is worst than speaking English. The modified version is in reversed meaning: nothing is worst than American speak Mandarin. 漢語, 中國話,中文 means Chinese Language 普通話, 國語, 國話 means Chinese-Mandarin The original version is a self expression of the Chinese speaking person. The reversed version is asked by the American which means that the Chinese is insulting the American, All but not most Amerian speak very poor mandarin especially in pronounciation of the Chinese words in mandarin.
June 28, 2010
普通話 and 國語: these 2 are basically with same meaning "Mandarin", it's the official china language, it has the commonly understandable pronunciation and accents. I guess 95%+ chinese people can speak it. 漢語 and 中文: these 2 generally mean "Chinese", it can contain any dialects that are used in any region in china, and of course Mandarin is also a part of Chinese. 中國話 and 國話: I guess we don't use these 2 words nowadays, but still you may see them from some old-time books/paper... Anyway they're barely used in casual talk
June 27, 2010
:D interesting~~ here is my version of explaination: Chinese is called 普通话 by the local people in Mainland, 国语 in taiwain. People say 汉语/中文 usually when there is a comparision between other languages.(coz "汉" represent "China") As for "国话", I don't remember if I really did heard of people saying it :P 另:some possible examples: 虽然各地有自己的方言,但在学校里,一般都是用普通话的。 台湾那边的人讲国语,发音和普通话有些不一样,一听就可以听出来的。 都说中文不好学,难怪国外的孔子学院“生意”不好。 (开个玩笑:)
June 27, 2010
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