How can i improve my speaking skills ?
Jun 27, 2010 11:49 PM
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You should go to a country where people talk English.. improving speaking is so hard with otherways..
June 28, 2010
talk to people here.....listen to songs...watch movies.......
June 27, 2010
Hello! There are many things you can do to learn English such as watching English movies and programs, listening to English songs, reading books and voice chatting with natives. You can easily have access to all these resources and programs thanks to the Internet. A good dictionary is also indispensable for learning English. Use a good one that can clearly define words, provide information about grammar and give sample sentences to show how words are used in context. There are many good online dictionaries that can even help you improve your pronunciation. Besides, you can download and install one that you can use whenever you want. Reading out loud and talking to yourself loudly in English can help you practice your speaking skill and see how well you are doing. In addition, Listening and reading is a good idea. There are good audio books that you can download and use to improve your listening, pronunciation and speaking skills... Good luck!
June 28, 2010
Hi.There is a free online talking dictionary of English pronunciation. Just click over the pink words to hear them spoken at www.howjsay.com/index.php?word. Italki member Jibi Thomas recommends this website for English phonetics : http://englishphonetics4u.blogspot.com You can learn English vocab free online This website has themed units with pictures and sound. English games and free English lessons for beginners. Click onto www.learnenglish.de/ Italki member Retsam has developed a small program for helping learner to memorize the new words, This is for helping you to understand the idea of Splitting The Word. Just like breaking a big problem into pieces of small problems. Click the first letter of the next part and the program will break up the word for you. Click the '-' symbol and the program will recover it. http://www.dreamjourney.cn/WCARD/wcard/kc_word.asp?E1=creativit
June 28, 2010
You have to talk with people the more you can. Try to listen to a radio station to improve your listening skills, this will give you more vocabulary and it will make you more selfconfident to use new expressions.
June 28, 2010
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