Please give me some nice adjectives to use as compliments. For instance, I know "maravilhoso: "que linda". Something easeasy to pronouncemuito obrigada, Amanda. I am looking for things like: "beautiful" city, dress, whatever If someone gives me a nice meal "wonderful" "delicious" Little expressions like legal would be useful. Whatever the slang is for awesome, cool, terrific, is that so?, whatever....
Jun 28, 2010 2:08 AM
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Hi again :) You can say a meal was delicious: "A comida/o almoço/o jantar estava delicioso(a)". Or "wonderful" like you've said, which means "maravilhoso". You must always remember to observe the gender of the substantive. The slang "legal" is like "awesome" too, but less intensive. You can add the prefix "super" to mean "awesome": "Superlegal!". There are other slangs too. In my region, we like to say "show", from English, when something is cool. There are other sinonyms, but most of them are already oldfashioned, like: "massa", "bacana", etc. "Legal" is the most used here. There is slang we use to agree with the other person, just like "ok". The person says something: - Passe na minha casa às 8h. - "Beleza". "Beleza" é "beauty" in Portuguese, but it has this meaning as a slang too :) See you! Amanda.
June 28, 2010
"Ótimo!!!" like "gorgeous"
June 28, 2010
You can also say "bonito" for male and "bonita" for female, that is kind of a synonym for "lindo", but less intensive. "Inteligente" for male and female is easy and very close to "Intelligent" as well. "Educado or Educada" means "polite", is also a nice adjective, right? "Legal" is a slang just like "cool", you can use it for male and female. These are some nice adjectives, I guess. If you need something more specific, ask me :) Glad to help, Amanda.
June 28, 2010
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