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Please can you explain these Chinese corrections for me I was talking to a friend today I showed her something I wrote in Chinese, she corrected it for me but then had to go before she could explain the changes, please can you help by telling me why these changes were made, Why mine are wrong? 1: 很多种 becoming 多种 2: 因为我 becoming 因为如果我 3: 成为更大的 becoming 会变得更大. Many thanks My original writing 我很喜欢学习很多种语言, 因为我懂很多语言,我的世界成为更大的, 更有趣的,学习很多语言那么棒,我永远不会放弃! corrected version 我很喜欢学习多种语言,因为如果我懂很多语言,我的世界会变得更大,更有趣,学习语言是那么棒,我永远不会放弃!
Jun 28, 2010 10:27 AM
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In regardless of the grammar, the sentence is not logical. 我很喜欢学习很多种语言,因为我懂很多语言. It is a statement that you are telling us, you already knew many languages. That is the only reason you want to learn other languages. The corrected version is telling us " if " you know many languages....the predicted result will be so and so.. It is a comparison between "know" and "don't know". The weight in the comparison links to the side of "know". That is the way how we learn Chinese. Traditionally, Chinese writting has no grammar, we go for the logic in construction of the sentence. The corrected version is very well written.
June 28, 2010
Do you means learn many languages make your world larger and more interesting so you'll never give up ?i think ,maybe you are not accustomed to chinese grammer, i'd like to help you with mandarin learing,and i hope i can learn english from you if you are willing to.please contact me, [email protected]
June 28, 2010
Not big errors ,and there are some hobby only
June 28, 2010
hi,lizze,well ,it's hard to expain why,but i have a good idea,cause once i translate it into english, the problem is gone. let me expain them one by one 1、I like studying languages very much.(there is no point to add"many"before language,so does it in Chinese) 2、Because once i know many languages ,my world will become larger(you can't leave "once"and "will") i hope these could be helpful
June 28, 2010
If you have any queries about Mandarin study, please don't hesitate to send me messages.
June 28, 2010
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