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How much do you prepare yourself when you talk with your language partner at very late......? How much do you prepare yourself when you talk with your language partner at very late night on video call ? Your partner lives faraway there in the daytime of office hour then. How would you do with your hair style? Clothes? Make-up? On the other hand, how much would you accept your partner’s appearance, he or she was in bed time ? The problem often happen caused by time difference. * Needed answer and If possible, correction. I mean polite way.3 men & 1 woman use voice call only so far. I wonder if majority people really use only voice call. It is also what I wanted to know that becouase pepole on my list use video call a lot, if not it would be much easier for us to take a lesson at late night or early morning not to bother them. Sorry, I am quite new here.It seems that my English was not enough to make the questions and to be needed to tell the background a little bit. We are taught to be always neat for people around you. I think all the people in the world have the same manner in this way. It means to respect people who are with you and treat them with courtesy. I have feeling of kind of that I am embarrassed when I have to talk through the video call to see how to pronounce or speak with, as Richard said, but at very late night with my appearance which might be offending him or her. (If one way video was allowed and to see from my side only would be great for learning.) (^^) So I just want to know any idea from who have same problem of time difference . Thank you.
Jun 28, 2010 10:57 AM
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There is one advantage to video chats. If you are learning a new language it may be difficult to pronounce some of the new sounds. If you watch someone's mouth and discuss the placement of the person's tongue, teeth and lips, the new sound will be much easier to pronounce properly and clearly.
June 28, 2010
I agree with "---" too. I usually just do voice calls so it doesn't take time for me to prepare. However, if, for some reason, I do a video call I try to make my room look clean and make my hair not so messy. The difference in time makes me not worry so much about this. Partners are either just waking up or going to sleep so I don't have high expectations. Just chat and have fun :)
June 28, 2010
If I misunderstand her question,I will consider more again. She asked "how much do you prepare when you talk with friends by web cam at late night." She didn't ask "which is better choice,only voice call or video call?"Why is the question chaged? There are many kind of people in the world,some of them like using web cam to talk,some of them don't like. I can recognize any opinions and ideas.I think both sides have advantage and disadvantage.Anyway I reply to her question, I don't accept to use web cam at night time, I can accept it at day time if I feel ok. I think you are a good person, you should refuse it at late night time. If you can't refuse it, you should take care your appearance because it is manner.
June 29, 2010
Hi there I can't agree more with you .Voice chat will be enough to give a lesson or to learn .so no need of preparation. you have to worry about the benefit that she or he will get from you. have a good chat
June 28, 2010
I agree with _ _ _. Whoever is teaching me, she would make preparations and make me call her by voice call. I would sign on in the morning, while they sign on in the evening. Me, I don't really care about a person's appearance whoever I'm speaking to. You don't need video call....voice call is good enough for a lesson.
June 28, 2010
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