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Really struggling to understand the word 认认真真 and its usage, I am really struggling to understand the word 认认真真 and how it is used :( Some examples I have seen are 他认认真真地和我说了. 我要认认真真地考虑清楚. 请你务必认认真真地看完. I just dont seem to quite understand how to translate it ever, I know its to do with being serious but its still confusing me so much. Please can you translate those sentences, maybe give me some more examples to look at, anything to help me finally get this word please! Thank you
Jun 28, 2010 11:52 AM
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认认真真, here it means seriously 他认认真真地和我说了(He told me seriously) 我要认认真真地考虑清楚 ( I have to think it over seriously) 请你务必认认真真地看完 ( please read it over, I mean it (seriously)
June 28, 2010
Roughly speaking, those A.A.B.B words, such as 「认认真真」、「马马虎虎」、「潦潦草草」、「随随便便」, almost have the same meanings as A.B forms, Perhaps the only difference between A.B and A.A.B.B is that, IMHO, the latter sometimes plays a more emphatic role.
June 28, 2010
I like to give u some examples below: the pure personhood, acts in a play earnestly “清清白白做人,认认真真演戏”。 In this sentence you can see that 认认真真 means earnestly 认认真真 is more emphasize than 认真 She stabbed at the air with her finger to emphasize what she was saying. 请你务必认认真真地看完. In this sentence 认认真真 means you should be more earnest than usual until you read it over. I hope you will be helped .
June 28, 2010
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